Who’s a worse driver: a celebrity on a motorcycle, or a half-blind cat with narcolepsy? The answer might surprise you

Who’s a worse driver: a celebrity on a motorcycle, or a half-blind cat with narcolepsy? The answer might surprise you

It doesn’t matter that Los Angeles holds the Guinness World Record for largest Prius traffic jam of all time; showboating celebrities on expensive motorcycles still manage to crash frequently enough for us to make a ‘Best Of’ list.

How can we sleep at night making light of accidents and injuries, you ask? By only including the most ludicrous, inexperienced celebrities to ever sit astride two wheels and a leather saddle.

Except Keanu, nothing is ever Keanu’s fault

In our last post about celebrities hitting pedestrians with their cars, our poor, innocent Keanu was accused of hitting a paparazzo while the actor visited his sick sister in a medical facility.

That case turned out to be as legally sound as the liability waiver Justin Bieber forces his house guests to sign, but long before that ordeal Mr. Reeves was unfairly ushered into a horizontal parking space.

While cruising down Sunset Boulevard, a car cut him off and he swerved into another car. The accident wasn’t his fault, and he only suffered from a broken ankle and some mild road rash.

In the end, he was back on the bike in no time and getting cut out of Speed 2 took longer to recover from than this accident.

At least not all of his crazy came from the accident...

Did you know that at one point Busey was a drummer for Willie Nelson’s band? The 80s...what a time to be alive.

Gary almost didn’t finish the decade though. Just a month before his 1988 accident, Busey attended an event to raise money to lobby against mandatory helmet laws in California. Which makes what follows about as predictable as the fate of his character in Lethal Weapon.

Just after picking up his Harley from a mechanic in downtown L.A., Busey was “thrown” from his bike. No indication of speeding, no other cars or pedestrians involved, just his bare skull and the curb.

To be clear, there’s not much any of us at Buckingham, LaGrandeur & Williams could do for you if this happened in the state of Washington. We just thought everyone could benefit from a better understanding of why Gary is so...Busey.

Ahnold, the law-breaking governor

You’d think an actor that receives as much attention as Mr. Schwarzenegger would know better than to try sneaking one past the po-po.

A 4-day stint in the hospital with six broken ribs didn’t stop the Terminator from cruising around southern California on his hog, and in 2006 he was involved in a second accident. That time, the then-Governor hit a car backing out of a driveway. His son was sitting in the sidecar, but aside from some stitches on the Governator’s lip, no one was seriously injured.

We would have been happy to handle the Running Man’s case, but the fact that he didn’t possess a valid California motorcycle license certainly would have made for a challenging case.

Looney Clooney thinks the right lane is for passing

The mid-2000s was a simpler time: the only thing Donald Trump ran was a B-grade reality TV show, Hollywood blockbusters were occasionally original franchises, and there was only one Kardashian -- and her name was Paris Hilton.

George Clooney was enjoying a bit of the simple life himself in 2007. During an afternoon ride with his Vegas cocktail-waitress girlfriend in New Jersey, a car hit the couple after making an abrupt right turn while flashing its left turn signal. However, the driver claimed Clooney was trying to pass on the right hand side.

The case amounted to little more than a “he said, she said” argument, and other than some minor injuries, the silver fox’s pride was the biggest victim. We’re not sure we could compete with celebrity lawyers on a motorcycle accident case in sunny California, but we are the premier “he said, she said” firm for the entire Puget Sound region.

It ain’t easy in this climate

We’ve listed four personal injury specialities on our website, and motorcycle accidents is one of them. If that doesn’t impress you, consider that it’s cold and rainy approximately 11 months out of the year here in Renton.

Specializing in motorcycle accident cases isn’t easy when there are only two weeks of decent riding a year. So, enjoy the three rides you manage to make it on this year, because we’ve got your back.

And if you see Keanu, get an autograph for us.