Burning legal question: Should you stay roomies with your ex post-divorce?

Breaking up is hard enough without having to live with your ex and see them all the time. On one hand, staying put means you don’t go through the hassle and expense of moving out and finding a place. On the other hand, why stay with someone you’re separating from?

The following stories show how divorce can become more complicated (or less) when you stay with your ex-spouse.

Leash or lawsuit: Dog bite incidents that highlight the cost-effective choice of prevention over lawsuits

“Beware: Dog owners!” is a sign that should be in the front yard of every dog owner’s home, particularly those who may overlook keeping their dogs restrained when the delivery driver is at their door. These owners may balk at putting their beloved Fido on a leash, but that’s a better alternative to being slapped with a lawsuit.

Divorce settlement agreements: FAQs and some words of non-advice

We remain committed to never providing legal advice in this legal blog. We also remain committed to gathering the most fascinating details of celebrities’ divorce settlement agreements. This is why in today’s blog, we gather some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about divorce settlement agreements and offer insights that may resemble advice (they’re not). We use celebrities’ divorce cases to explain certain concepts because, more often than not, they’re outrageous and therefore delightful.