Divorce gift ideas for your friend navigating Splitsville

Divorce gift ideas for your friend navigating Splitsville

Divorce and gifts — two words you don't usually find in the same sentence. Gifts are typically reserved for weddings, not for the aftermath of one. But let's challenge that notion. Divorcees deserve a little love too, and we’re all for normalizing the idea of a divorce registry. We think that those brave souls untangling their lives from their ex's are just as deserving of gifts as newlyweds.

So, in the spirit of spreading cheer during trying times, we're offering some advice on what makes for great divorce gifts. We may not be experts on gift-giving, but we certainly know a thing or two about helping individuals transition from married to single again.

A knife set or other practical tools

It doesn’t matter if your soon-to-be-divorced friend is a culinary wizard or more of a takeout connoisseur. At some point, everyone finds a use for a good knife set. Besides, sharp new tools in the kitchen can help them slice through their emotions as effectively as they slice through fruits, vegetables, or steaks — no reminders of the old, dull set from their former life.

To be clear, this gift idea isn’t a suggestion to incite any kitchen-based acts of revenge. This is just to spark some inspiration for you, the thoughtful gift-giver, about what practical items your divorcing friend might truly need.

And if knives aren’t quite the right fit, consider other practical tools. A high-quality screwdriver set or a handy garlic crusher can work wonders. These items can serve many practical functions, helping your friend rebuild their life one screw or clove at a time. Practical gifts like these say "I’m here to support you," without the risk of any sharp misunderstandings.

A divorce-themed cake

For something a little (or much) less practical, we recommend the gift of cake. But not just any cake — a divorce-themed cake that’s sure to put a smile on your friend's face or make them laugh until they cry. Think of it as a sweet way to celebrate their newfound freedom.

Consider a cake with a hilarious message, such as "Free at Last!", "May Divorce Be With You" (particularly effective if the ex-spouse is a Star Wars fan), or "I Do, I Did, I’m Done!" For an extra touch of irony, you might even go for a wedding cake, minus the bride or groom, of course.

Fun fact: divorce cakes can taste just as good and be just as sweet as wedding cakes. There are even bakeries that specialize in baking such delightful treats. So, don’t be afraid to order a cake that celebrates your divorced friend’s new chapter and tell them that every fresh start deserves a little sweetness.

Your services as their social media manager

At some point before, during, or after the divorce, your soon-to-be-single friend will need help announcing their split. And let’s face it, announcing a divorce is no walk in the park. Even celebrities hire teams to do it for them — it’s that tricky. Telling friends and family that you and your partner are no longer an item can be embarrassing or downright painful.

Enter you, their temporary social media manager. In this role, you have a singular mission: help the divorcee announce the news of the separation with grace and maybe some humor.

If you’re offering your services to someone on the brink of divorce, make sure to read our insightful guide on how to announce one’s divorce on social media. Better yet, let our article be the gift. Because when it comes to social media announcements, having a seasoned pro (that’s you, if you do it right) can make all the difference.

Some wine, a muffin basket, or a spa voucher

Gifts like a bottle of really fine wine, a muffin basket, or a spa voucher are fantastic for someone going through a tough time like a breakup. These are excellent choices for any occasion, but they’re especially fitting here because they’re consumable. Such gifts are unlikely to come up in the division of assets and won’t serve as a lingering reminder of the divorce.

At weddings, couples typically receive a bunch of stuff that both spouses can use. In contrast, a bottle of wine or a spa voucher is best enjoyed solo, making them perfect for someone looking to unwind and focus on self-care.

Of course, there’s an unspoken rule about not giving alcohol to someone who doesn’t drink or is trying to stay sober. But for your friend going through a rough patch, there might be an exception to be made. A little indulgence might just help them face their new reality.

The number of a divorce attorney

Last but certainly not least, consider giving your friend the number of a divorce attorney — like us, naturally. This thoughtful gift provides not only much-needed professional support but also shows you genuinely care about your friend getting top-notch advice. Because who knows what kind of questionable advice they’re finding on Reddit or YouTube?

When it comes to untangling the legal knots of divorce, having the right lawyer is the best gift you can give. If your friend is planning to divorce in Washington State, handing them the number for LaGrandeur & Williams’ Renton law offices is a stellar idea. We can also be reached by leaving us a message.