And they lived happily ever after — or not: Slip-and-fall accidents that ruined weddings

And they lived happily ever after — or not: Slip-and-fall accidents that ruined weddings

A wedding is supposed to be a joyous celebration. It’s even often referred to as the happiest day in the lives of a couple. Unfortunately, not all wedding days have a fairytale ending — especially when someone gets injured.

The dim lighting or strobe effects at wedding receptions make it difficult to see potential trip or fall hazards. Such is the case when wiring from lighting or sound equipment is not properly fastened and secured. Some guests also trip on the bride’s train, which is especially dangerous when they’re wearing high heels.

Slippery hotel food

Spilled food is also quite a common culprit behind slip-and-fall accidents in weddings, like in the case of a 62-year-old woman who was attending her stepdaughter’s wedding at a hotel in February 2009. During the reception, she slipped on some food that had fallen on the highly polished floor, causing her to fall and fracture her right wrist.

Poorly installed dance floor

The dance floor is also one of the most dangerous places at weddings, especially when it is negligently installed. At one wedding, a guest sustained knee and face injuries and had extensive dental damage after slipping on the dance floor.

After further investigation, his lawyers discovered that the rental company actually knew of the issue since clients who previously rented the dance floor already informed them of the floor’s potential for injury. However, to cut costs and save money, the rental company didn’t address the issue.

Surprisingly hazardous rose petals

Many wedding-related slip-and-fall claims are due to slippery dance floors. Such was the case of 53-year-old Ann White, a child care worker who attended her colleague’s wedding at the Aherlow House Hotel in Ireland in September 2012.

In line with tradition, the bride tossed her bridal rose bouquet during the wedding reception. About 20 “very enthusiastic” ladies pulled at the bouquet, causing its petals to scatter on the dance floor. Two hours later, Ms. White decided to dance and her right foot skidded on the rose petals, causing her to fracture her arm and wrist.

Makeshift water slide gone wrong

A wedding reception at a Maine resort meant easy access to a swimming pool. The guests took advantage of this and started jumping into the pool as the night went on. Many then returned to and dripped puddles all over the dance floor. The groom took this as an opportunity to turn the dance floor into a slip and slide by spreading liquid soap across the floor.

Shortly after, one of the guests cut across the dance floor on the way to the restroom. She then slipped and fell, badly injuring her back and fracturing her wrist.

Who is liable? I don’t want to sue the bride and the groom.

Victims of slip-and-fall accidents in weddings might feel guilty about filing a lawsuit, thinking that the bride and groom will be affected — and no one wants to put that kind of pressure on the newlyweds.

However, in most cases, the bride and groom are not liable for the injuries you sustained. For example, the injured parties in the abovementioned cases pressed charges against the dance floor installer or the reception venues. This means you’ll be able to pursue a claim against the party at fault without ever involving the newlyweds.

You need a personal injury lawyer

If you were hurt at a wedding, you should consider filing a lawsuit against the negligent party to receive compensation for your injuries. This should cover your costs for obtaining medical care and losing potential income from taking days off to recover.

But weddings are often complicated events, involving multiple layers of responsibility and overlapping insurance policies, so you need a personal injury lawyer to help you navigate and identify who is at fault.

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