Diva demands that were too much for these personal assistants

Diva demands that were too much for these personal assistants

Being a personal assistant (PA) to celebrities seems like a job that many would kill for. But when you do end up working for certain celebs, you might end up dying to get out of the job.

The truth is that being a PA is a full-time job that may require one to go beyond merely assisting. Long and irregular work hours, insane demands, and unusual tasks are all in a day’s work for these bosses and their disgruntled ex-staff.

Wanted: professional bedmate

Many Lady Gaga fans would jump at the opportunity to shine her shoes, comb her wigs, or sleep in her bed if it meant getting access to her 24/7. Not Jennifer O’Neill.

Like any employee of obscenely rich celebrities, Ms. O’Neill only wanted to be paid wages commensurate to her tasks as a PA — and to be allowed rest days, take bathroom breaks, and sleep.

Based on her lawsuit against Mother Monster, she was not permitted to do any of those things at crucial periods during the star’s Monster’s Ball concert tour in 2010. Ms. O’Neill also had to share the same bed with Ms. Germanotta because the pop star simply did not sleep alone.

Because of Gaga’s diva demands, Ms. O’Neill did not get much of a chance to talk to friends, sleep in her own bed, or have privacy. She couldn’t even have a haircut in peace, with Gaga calling her phone at odd times.

Ms. O’Neill claimed she was owed at least $380,000 in unpaid overtime. But she could have avoided working overtime if she had only quoted Lady Gaga lyrics to Lady Gaga: “Sorry I cannot hear you, I’m kinda busy. K-kinda busy.” The message would have been loud and clear.

And speaking of telephones, there's one celeb infamous for throwing hers at people.

The other thing Naomi Campbell is known for

Fashion icon Naomi Campbell is famous for her long legs, fierce catwalk, and tendency to throw phones at staff. In fact, her phone tosses have become as legendary as her runway walk.

Other than the infamous phone-throwing incidents (yes, plural), Naomi has been sued for similar misdemeanors against members of staff like Amanda Brack, whom Naomi attacked at least three times.

According to Ms. Brack, the supermodel smacked her face with a Blackberry, which is a handset of sturdy build and with great potential to bruise a face.

Naomi’s reasons for the violent blackouts range from the PA summoning the wrong hairstylists, mixing up luggage arrangements while traveling, and a publicist getting too close to her face.

Being the shrewd businesswoman that she is, she turned her infamous fits into a shirt.

Queen of Christmas accused of treating a staffer like a peasant

Mariah Carey, aka the Queen of Christmas, probably did not feel festive when one of her former assistants accused her of verbal and physical abuse. And Mariah Carey hurling cheap insults at people? That’s just inconceivable.

But Lianna Shakhnazaryan, Mariah’s former personal assistant, wasn’t accusing only the butterfly-bedazzled diva but also those in her management team, particularly Mariah’s now ex-manager, Stella Bulochnikov.

Per Ms. Shakhnazaryan’s lawsuit, Team Mariah made fun of her physical features, subjected her to various indignities, and wrongfully terminated her. She also claimed that Ms. Bulochnikov abused her numerous times.

The Queen of Comebacks and her new management team hit back with a countersuit against Ms. Shakhnazaryan for breach of contract, extortion, and invasion of privacy. According to Mariah’s camp, Ms. Shakhnazaryan secretly filmed embarrassing videos of Mimi to extort her.

Ms. Carey is no stranger to debacles of the musical, filmic, and legal nature, but this workplace drama is as serious as Mariah’s singing chops.

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