Reasons to request more child support that have nothing to do with your ex’s successful Las Vegas shows

Reasons to request more child support that have nothing to do with your ex’s successful Las Vegas shows

Britney Spears is selling out shows in her Las Vegas residency and living the good life, if Instagram is to be believed. This knowledge might make you think we’re huge fans of the pop princess, but we’re really just caught up on the shenanigans in her neverending child support battles.

Which is how we know that she’s NOT enjoying dealing with child support matters with her ex-husband, the former backup dancer-cum-DJ, Kevin Federline. He recently demanded an increase in Britney’s child support payments from $20,000 to $60,000 per month for their two sons, Jaden James and Sean Preston.

While the reasons behind K-Fed’s request are unclear, it’s not abnormal to request more dough for the kids’ sake. Here are some valid reasons to request higher child support payments.

Reason #1 - Non-custodial parent makes way more money

Which is certainly the case between Britney and Kevin.

For the chaotic ex-spouses, it’s pretty clear that the one selling out Vegas shows is the one who’s making more cash. But because of Britney’s highly publicized meltdown in 2007, he obtained full custody of their two kids. Not content with the 20 grand he’s receiving per month from the princess of pop (and of child support), he asked for more.

Britney’s still selling out arenas and concert tours, so it doesn’t take a conniving ex-husband to know that her net worth continues to skyrocket, while Kevin (who has four kids from two different women) remains deeply committed to being a professional father.

It must be said, though, court petitions to increase child support payments to astronomical amounts are nothing new.

Reason #2 - A seriously ill child requires medical treatment

Suppose little Jayden falls gravely ill. In such a scenario, an increase in child support payments would be clear-cut as they are usually based on the needs of the child (or children). In this case, non-custodial parent Britney would bear the brunt of the increased expenses.

If, however, Britney suffers a debilitating knee injury that affects her ability to dazzle audiences in Vegas, or is forced to retire as a result of permanently damaging her vocal cords, things would be much different.

Which brings us to reason #3...

Reason #3 - There is a substantial change of circumstances

Child support may be modified in instances where a child needs additional expenses for healthcare or special schooling. This also applies to substantial changes in the parents’ circumstances, often involving a shift in employment status that affects earnings and the capacity to pay current child support.

It’s safe to assume Kevin’s not raking in cash from his rap album’s royalties, and while he may have dabbled in DJing and appeared in various reality TV shows, none of those ventures made half of what Britney’s worst-selling single did.

But imagine this alternate reality: After Britney’s meltdown, K-fed becomes a rap superstar and Brit-brit becomes a dance instructor in a small Texas town.

It’s an outrageous reality, but one where Britney would have an excellent reason to request a decrease in child support. And chances are she’d be granted her request.

The present situation is much stranger: pop royalty Britney Jean Spears remains under the conservatorship of her father Jamie Spears, who agreed to an increase in child support payments by $10,000 to curtail mounting legal fees. And if your daughter is one of the world’s most famous vocalists, you can afford to pay for anything.

Child support guidelines vary per state. Whether you’re a custodial or a non-custodial parent in Washington, you need family attorneys that can help you avoid toxic child support modification cases. Talk to Seattle attorneys Buckingham LaGrandeur & Williams.