Personal Injury

A. If you do, you may find yourself stuck permanently with a lower offer. Why? Because you are far more likely to speak with an insurance adjuster without counsel and say something that will be interpreted in the insurance company’s favor. You will also be at greater risk for being pressured into a quick settlement.

A. No, you should not. Believe it or not, many insurance companies actually offer unfair settlements hoping that you will accept the offer. Even knowing you might seek an attorney because their offer is so ridiculous does not deter this practice. Many insurance companies are willing to risk you hiring an attorney because in the end, if you hire one that is incompetent, they save money. This practice highlights two things. One, you should never try to recover compensation for injuries from a car accident without legal representation. Two, you should make sure that the attorney you hire is experienced in personal injury law.

A. When an attorney takes your auto-related personal injury case, you are relieved of dealing with all the headaches connected to dealing with the insurance companies that may be involved.

You have an advocate that is on your side. The insurance company, even your own, is never your advocate.

When you hire a competent, aggressive and experienced lawyer to negotiate your auto injury settlement, you usually walk away with more money than if you had tried to negotiate with the insurance companies on your own—even after you have paid attorney’s fees. Insurance companies know you don’t know the strategies and rules that attorneys take years to acquire. This can make a major difference if you do not have health insurance. You are less likely to be fooled into considering a poor offer a good settlement offer. A well-qualified personal injury attorney, like you will find at Boyd Buckingham, knows which costs should be included in the settlement. There are many that you might overlook.

A. You are entitled to compensation for any medical expenses related to your automobile accident. If you lose wages, you can seek compensation even if you are covered by sick leave or use vacation pay. If the automobile accident leaves permanent impairment, you can seek compensation on several levels, such as loss of earning power or to cover permanent healthcare assistance. And obviously you’re entitled to the value of your car at the time of the accident. You may also seek damages for pain and suffering.