Jennifer Lawrence tripped in front of 40 million people at the greatest moment of her career. How embarrassing was your fall?

Jennifer Lawrence tripped in front of 40 million people at the greatest moment of her career. How embarrassing was your fall?

It’s time for our idols to come down from the pedestals we built for them.

Because when they don’t, nicknames like “Queen Bey” take on entirely new meanings, and that never ends well.

As such, it is clearly our sacred duty to grease up those pedestals and pass out the popcorn. It’s time for some schadenfreude.

Catwalk slips sting in places you didn’t know existed

Models fall. Some even practice their knee-height laugh and facepalm as often as their runway glare. But rarely are their spills as brutal as Naomi Campbell’s 1993 fall at the Vivienne Westwood runway show, which left her stunned for just a tad longer than anyone could laugh off.

The worst part? The shoes that did Naomi in got their own museum exhibit. So, the next time you’re embarrassed by a fall, just think to yourself, “Well, at least the stair that tripped me isn’t charging admission.”

The hardest step to winning an Oscar? The one ten feet from the acceptance speech

Supermodels aren’t the only celebrities ruining their moments of glory. Everyone’s favorite girl next door, Jennifer Lawrence, is also a well-documented clutz. Even if she gained fame playing an accomplished gladiator and political leader, Jennifer has taken a tumble in front of the paparazzi at least three times.

Her falls have become somewhat of a highlight at the Academy Awards, and the worst came in 2013 as she climbed the stairs to accept the award for Best Actress.

Gold-medal gymnast tells interviewer, “I suck at walking”

Models have more responsibilities than strutting the catwalk, and actresses practice more than walking the red carpet; but gymnasts have few duties outside of displaying their poise and balance with a bit of visual flair.

But the MTV Video Music Awards Shows have been known to lack the grace of gold-medal olympians.

In 2016, Simone Biles proved that even her elegance could be corrupted by the teenage equivalent of the Super Bowl. On her way out of the show, she tripped and fell down a set of stairs. Simone blamed it on her heels, which begs the question, “Does that mean the balance beam in Rio deserves your medal?”

If a celebrity falls and no one snaps a photo, did it really happen?

Fancy footwear isn’t the only thing to have floored Ms. Biles. She also fell especially hard for Zac Efron. But if you thought being worshipped by other celebrities was enough to render someone truly faultless -- you’ve clearly never seen High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

While filming the iconic “running on the beach” scene for the Baywatch reboot nobody asked for, Zac managed to trip and land face first in the sand.

Not even $200 million in net worth can erase the embarrassment of a fall

Long before he claimed Anne Frank would have been one of his biggest fans…

And even before he failed to smuggle a pet monkey into Germany…

Justin Bieber was just a doughy teen heartthrob. Most of us were awkward during the growth spurts of our mid-teens, but then again not many of us were performing for tens of thousands of international concert goers.

Global superstar or not, the Biebs couldn’t outshine the laws of physics and fractured his foot after falling on stage. It doesn’t matter how cool he played it from the hospital bed, until his Forever 21 clothing line includes a faux-cast sock, broken bones aren’t chic.

Even A-list celebrities fall -- and they often have half a dozen personal bodyguards. So before you get too embarrassed by your own fall, put it in perspective.

Once you have, call Renton’s leading team of personal injury lawyers. Aside from greasing up celebrity pedestals, we’ve got all the time in the world for your case.

But call the ambulance first.