Love, lies, and a murder plot in paradise: A woman schemes to dispose of her husband in the scenic Bahamas

Love, lies, and a murder plot in paradise: A woman schemes to dispose of her husband in the scenic Bahamas

When you think of the Bahamas, the first things that come to mind are probably palm trees swaying in the breeze and beaches with crystal clear waters. But what happens when this tropical paradise becomes the backdrop for a sinister plot involving an American beauty queen, a former football star, and a chilling conspiracy?

In this shocking tale, we delve into the case of Lindsay Shiver, a 36-year-old woman from Georgia, who finds herself in the eye of a storm when she is accused of conspiring to kill her husband, Robert Shiver, 38. Grab your sunglasses and let's uncover the details of this Bahamian thriller.

The police's unlikely involvement

Lindsay's life took a dark turn when she was arrested for scheming to murder her husband with the help of two Bahamian locals — one of whom was her alleged lover. Terrance Adrian Bethel (the alleged lover) and Farron Newbold, Jr. (the hired hitman) were meant to rendezvous with Lindsay in the house she owned with Robert in the Abaco Islands and seal the latter's fate on July 16, 2023. However, in a twist worthy of a Hollywood thriller, the Bahamian police foiled the evil plot.

The police had been investigating an entirely different case — a recent break-in at a local pub where Bethel worked. Staff members, including Bethel, were asked to submit their phones for inspection, leading to the discovery of incriminating messages about the plan to harm Robert.

Notably, Robert was vacationing independently, away from his estranged wife, when he was alerted by the authorities about the plot to end his life. Fearing for his safety, he promptly returned to the United States with his and Lindsay's children.

The divorce drama unveiled

Lindsay may be a former beauty queen and Robert a retired football athlete, but their story is far removed from the idyllic unions often depicted in fairy tales. As the investigations ensued, it became clear that their marriage was marred by various conflicts.

Suspecting infidelity, Robert had previously hired a private investigator to monitor his wife's activities in the Abaco Islands. The investigator eventually captured evidence of Lindsay's involvement with Bethel.

A contentious divorce ensued, with Robert and Lindsay locked in a legal battle over the custody of their three children and their extensive property holdings, stretching from Georgia to the Caribbean. Robert had filed for divorce on April 5, and Lindsay followed suit the next day.

Robert cited Lindsay's "adulterous conduct" as the reason for divorce, while Lindsay countered by alleging financial distress and cruelty on Robert's part.

The aftermath of the thrilling affair

Lindsay, Bethel, and Newbold were transported to the capital Nassau where they will face formal charges. However, they were all allowed to post bail under several conditions. As alleged co-conspirators, Bethel and Newbold had to pay $20,000 each. They were also required to report to the Marsh Harbour police station thrice a week and wear electronic monitoring tags at all times.

Lindsay, on the other hand, posted bail to the tune of $100,000. There were rumors that Robert picked up her tab, but sources close to the couple have dismissed this as hearsay. Lindsay is restricted from leaving the Bahamian capital, and her passport was also confiscated. Until her indictment in October, she must check in at a Nassau police station daily.

The trio is prohibited from contacting Robert again.

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