The most notable celebrity court cases of 2021

The most notable celebrity court cases of 2021

In 2022, Taylor Swift might have to face a jury trial to defend herself against the accusation that she stole the brilliant lines of lyrics, "playas, they gon' play" and "haters, they gonna hate" from other songwriters. This is such an important legal battle, and we’re glad to see this fight being fought and getting lots of press. Actually, no, we aren’t.

That aside, we’ve rounded up some of 2021’s most notable cases involving celebrities, none of which involve players playing or haters hating.

Alec Baldwin hit with lawsuits for hitting live rounds on a film set

As of this writing, Alec Baldwin has yet to make a court appearance for the lawsuit he’s facing for fatally shooting cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the movie “Rust”. According to a lawsuit filed by Serge Svetnoy, the film’s gaffer, Baldwin and other film crew members failed to follow safety protocols which resulted in the fatal mishap. Another lawsuit was recently filed by the film’s script supervisor, claiming that Baldwin didn’t have to fire the gun because the script didn’t call for it.

It appears that members of the film crew are stepping up to demand accountability, so we will likely see justice served soon. What we won’t be seeing anytime soon is Baldwin’s low-budget, doomed film.

Rapper Travis Scott and company will have to face the music

The Astroworld music festival held in November turned into a “mass casualty event” due to a crowd surge, an unsafe venue, and a musician with a penchant for danger. It didn’t help that Scott tends to incite riots in concerts by encouraging people to rush to the stage and bypass security control.

Scott will likely lose a legion of fans and a few million dollars to compensate the victims and their families should he and other co-defendants be found liable in the numerous injury and negligence lawsuits filed against them.

Miss Rona gave Kacey Musgraves material for her second album

Kacey Musgraves, country-pop singer who is not Taylor Swift, filed for divorce from her husband Ruston Kelly after two years of marriage. Her divorce is among the pandemic-induced separations caused by Miss Rona. Thankfully, there probably aren’t going to be any more pandemic-induced divorces unless Miss Rona reemerges in 2022 and impels more couples to part ways.

Add to Watchlist: a docu-series about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s divorce

Currently in the works is a new documentary about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s divorce, which suggests that this particular divorce has plenty to offer that other celebrities’ divorces don’t. Perhaps it does. The two-part documentary is set to feature the ex-couple’s lawyers, which is a welcome casting choice. If we wanted to see Johnny and Amber act for the cameras, we’d watch their movies.

How Bill Gates spent his 2021

Bill Gates could write a doorstop-sized memoir about his 2021 alone, which according to his blog post, was the most unusual and difficult year of his life. After all, it was in 2021 when he and Melinda Gates, his life and business partner of 27 years, divorced. They notably did not get a prenup, but that did not stop them from making sure their divorce went smoothly.

From Free Britney to Britney Free

Britney Spears can add “freedom fighter” among her list of titles after winning her legal battles against her father. On June 23, Britney spoke at a court hearing for the first time since being placed under conservatorship. Her attorney Matthew Rosengart and her fans shone a light on her plight as a pop star penalized for being young and rich, which then helped to emancipate the Princess of Pop and Instagram enigma.

Want to keep up with Kim K. and Kanye? You’re in luck

Not only has Kim Kardashian put her failed marriage behind, but she has already monetized it. She hosted an episode of SNL where she made a few not unfunny quips about herself, her family, and her failed union. Meanwhile, since news of their divorce broke, Kanye has released an album and an eyebrow-raising statement saying he’d like to have her back. We have a feeling we’d keep hearing about them in 2022 whether we like to or not.

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