Democracy and divorce: Can love trump political differences?

Democracy and divorce: Can love trump political differences?

Reasons why couples divorce widely vary, including disagreements over parenting, finance, and other matters that affect a family’s day-to-day lives. Some couples may not agree on things like what type of car to buy, which schools to send the kids to, or which sports team to root for.

But times have changed. Now, couples’ political differences could seriously drive a wedge between a marriage. Some partners can weather the storm of such marital disagreements, while others are not.

How political differences destroy relationships

As the saying goes, don’t talk about politics (and religion) in polite company. Though wise, this saying does not necessarily apply to couples who share a home. And there’s proof showing differing political beliefs can cause couples to split.

Per a recent Wakefield Research study, one in 10 married and unmarried couples broke up due to political differences. That’s not surprising. In saner times, it’s a lot easier to believe that a person is more than his or her political views. If you can tolerate your spouse’s questionable taste in food, fashion, or film, or their tendency to fall asleep on the couch with one hand inside a bag of Cheetos, surely you can tolerate anything.

Trump’s America proved that theory wrong. Differences in opinion are common in any relationship, but under the Trump era, agreeing to disagreeing has proven to be highly challenging for some couples.

If you feel like splitting from your spouse because they supported a different candidate in the last election is a silly reason to tell your divorce attorney, we’ll put your mind at ease. Many couples have separated for far stranger reasons. You are no more bizarre than the man who divorced his wife because she washed the makeup off her face, revealing her real visage. You’re a thousand times more reasonable than the woman who split from her husband because he was a great cook who made her gain weight.

We talk about all those in our article “The road to divorce is sometimes paved with weird intentions.”

For married folks, the question remains...

Should I divorce my spouse whose political beliefs clash with mine?

Though we live in very interesting times, some things remain deeply uninteresting and banal. For instance, a marriage that does not work out, for whatever reason, will end up in divorce. Aside from the resulting emotional devastation, dissolutions of marriage are still the same paperwork-heavy affair that it has always been. Couples still need the help of a family law attorney to hash out the details of their separation, sort out parenting plans, and discuss marital property matters. Couples will still feel the need to fight over the contents of their refrigerator.

Some marriages are certainly worth saving. However, for some people, discovering one is married to a Trump-supporter can be the last straw. Similarly, spouses of Joe Biden supporters may find themselves “isolated” from their partners, as in the case of Miami Dolphins cheerleader Lynn Aronberg who divorced her democrat spouse Dave Aronberg.

Political differences may compel certain couples to divorce, but in most cases, these differences could simply be one of many issues in the relationship. After 15–25 years of marriage, discovering a spouse’s political colors could simply be a catalyst to finally file for a divorce from someone you are no longer compatible with.

If you’re dating someone and/or planning to get married soon, it’s important to go beyond knowing your mate’s favorite food and favorite color, and whether they’re a member of the Illuminati. Get to know their political leanings to avoid surprises later on.

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