From glamorous to disastrous: celebrities who have had to annul their marriage

From glamorous to disastrous: celebrities who have had to annul their marriage

The world has already recovered from the demise of the seemingly indestructible Brangelina. Now, we pin our marriage hopes on the enduring union of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. We watch with bated breath as Will and Jada continue to carry the torch of matrimony.

But for every Posh & Becks, there’s a Carmen & Dennis, a Pam & Rick, or a Pam & Kid Rock, or a Pam & Tommy -- the list goes on! We could blame Sin City for these blink-or-you’ll-miss-it unions, but frankly, we’re not surprised. Hollywood marriages are glamorous yet fragile, and annulment offers a fitting way to end them.

These are some of the more remarkable annulments involving celebrities whose I do’s unceremoniously turned to I want out!

Unsaved by the belle: Mario Lopez’s short-lived romance with Ali Landry

Mario Lopez and ex-partner Ali Landry dated for six years before tying the knot. They called it quits two weeks later after incriminating photos of Lopez fooling around in his own bachelor party surfaced.

If you think Landry was being unreasonable for wanting out because her husband innocently frolicked with friendly females in his bachelor party, you’re dead wrong.

Right before the wedding, Landry received intel that Lopez was more than just a cute face with California surfer abs. The model tapped the playboy’s phone and started receiving phone calls from his female ‘pals.’

Not happy with their short marriage’s narrative, Lopez went on to detail the juicy tidbits in his 2014 memoir, ‘Just Between Us,’ citing he wasn’t really in love with Landry.

Classy move, Mario!

Annulney: the 55-hour marriage of the legendary Britney Spears and some guy named Jason

Truthfully, we’d rather sit this one out since we’ve already spilled way too much ink on Britney’s failed marriages and custody battles. But a list of celebrity annulments wouldn’t be complete without Britney Jean and childhood sweetheart Jason Alexander’s perfect example.

Long story short: Brit and Jason wed Vegas-style and woke up to their folly the following day. Needless to say, the marriage wasn’t a result of great love but of copious amounts of intoxicants. Brideney, who was not a girl not yet a woman (literally, she was 22) at the time, was deemed incapable of understanding her own actions, and getting married certainly requires an understanding of sorts.

Considering that much later on Britney would be put under the conservatorship of her father and lawyer, we're sure the former would speak now that this annulment was a fitting solution to that catastrophic coupling.

Freed from the closet: the annulment of Aaliyah and R. Kelly’s non-marriage

The grounds for an annulment are many and vary from state to state, but fraud or misrepresentation all but guarantees a marriage dissolution, as in the case of late singer/actress Aaliyah and R&B crooner R. Kelly’s secret wedding.

When the two married in 1994 and subsequently got an annulment the following year, Aaliyah claimed to be 18 (she was really 15) while R. Kelly was 28. Both denied getting married and treated the subject as taboo in interviews.

If that had happened in 2017, they’d have been called out for lying and ‘receipts’ (their marriage certificate) would have been all over TMZ and Twitter.

Successfully brushing off the controversy bode well for both; Aaliyah’s career took off and R. Kelly was able to chase after more meaningful pursuits like creating his masterpiece, the remix to ‘Ignition,’ and releasing an album called ‘Black Panties.’

Kelly has since been accused of far more heinous crimes than marrying an underaged girl.

In case Bey and Jay can’t stay crazy/drunk in love, we’d happily represent either of them in discussing Blue Ivy, Rumi and Sir’s custody, child support, and alimony. We’d gladly settle yours, too, and we promise to keep your names off TMZ. Give us a call.