The top 5 benefits the Philippines and Vatican City are missing out on because they’re divorce-less territories

The top 5 benefits the Philippines and Vatican City are missing out on because they’re divorce-less territories

Taking someone to be your spouse, to have and to hold, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, to love and to cherish, until death do you part — what could be more romantic? That is the poetry and promise of wedding vows. But married couples do part for many different reasons. All around the world, couples who no longer wish to love and cherish their spouse don't wait for death to do the parting. They file for divorce.

Yet, two countries steadfastly deny their citizens the option to part conveniently and legally: Vatican City and the Philippines. As a result, they’re missing out on the following benefits that people everywhere else in the world get to enjoy when they call it quits.

Freedom from emotional baggage and financial shackles

Being liberated from the emotional baggage of an unsatisfying marriage as well as the financial shackles that come with it can be incredibly freeing. And it’s something that only divorce can deliver. Imagine how fulfilling it is to finally separate from a spouse who never wants to do the dishes or constantly hogs the TV remote control.

On a more serious note, divorce can provide the ultimate fresh start. If you need to separate from a spouse who is abusive, financially irresponsible, or a cheat, with help from a family law attorney, you can break free. Without divorce, unhappily married couples in the Vatican and the Philippines are missing out on the perks of personal and financial freedom.

No more congregational meddling

Certain religious groups tend to meddle in their congregants’ private affairs. The Philippines is a Catholic-majority country, and the word of church leaders is held sacred by many Catholics. Incidentally (and not surprisingly), the country’s religious groups also fiercely oppose the passing of a divorce law.

In an alternate universe where Filipino couples can divorce, men in robes won’t be able to meddle as much. Men in robes, however, could still marry couples, with or without the promise of divine intervention guaranteeing eternal union. But alas, although the Philippines recognizes the separation of church and state, it hardly applies in the highly religious country. We’ll give the Vatican a pass since it’s a theocracy. The Philippines, on the other hand, is a democracy.

Kids benefit: From tug-of-war to tugging at heartstrings

Divorce can be a shocker for the children, but there’s ultimately a silver lining. Instead of growing up in a household led by parents constantly at each other’s throats, kids get to have a chance to see mom and dad happy, albeit separately. Studies (and common sense) show that children benefit from seeing their parents in healthy environments rather than being stuck in a toxic warzone. If only the Vatican and the Philippines embraced divorce, their kids could experience the joy of well-adjusted, content parents.

A good comeback story

Divorce isn’t just about asset division, child custody conflicts, and many trips to the lawyer’s office (although this one may be necessary). It can also be a ticket to reinvention and personal growth. Being unable to leave a marriage that stifles you robs you of a second chance in life as a single/happily divorced individual. For many divorcees, getting divorced meant getting a do-over. When the dust settles, your newly divorced self can pick up a new hobby, enjoy your own company, and rediscover new passions.

Citizens of the Vatican and the Philippines, take note. And take it from Mauritanians; divorce can be a celebration, especially for women.

A new goldmine for lawyers

If you’re a lawyer in these two divorce-less territories, you’re missing out on a treasure trove of family law cases that not only keep the legal wheels turning but also boost your firms’ profits. That said, it’s certainly not lawyers’ fault that these countries don’t have divorce laws.

So, if the Vatican and the Philippines could just have divorce, their lawyers could swap out their rosaries for retainer fees and bask in the rewarding glow of newfound professional opportunities.

Bonus perk: Avoid being the star of legal blogs

If Vatican City or the Philippines ever decide to pass a divorce law, rest assured that they won't be featured in a sequel to this blog post. Instead, they’ll join the ranks of other countries (i.e., the rest of the world) that enjoy the many benefits of marriage dissolution.

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