Taking aim at Target: Examining lawsuits involving the retail giant

Taking aim at Target: Examining lawsuits involving the retail giant

In a world where lawsuits are as abundant as flash sales, one retail giant finds itself perpetually caught in the crosshairs of legal battles: Target. From passionate demands for reparations to accusations of false promises, it seems like the bulls-eye on their logo doubles as a magnet for legal trouble.

In this article, we delve into the legal battleground that proves Target can both be a shopping haven and a source material for courtroom drama.

Altercation leads to unintended target practice

In a Target store in Blue Ash, Ohio, a shocking altercation ensued when a woman, Karen Ivery, demanded reparations for her purchase. In the surveillance footage of the October 2022 incident, a loss prevention manager can be seen punching Ivery.

Target employees claimed Ivery insisted on being owed reparations and demanded that the store provide them. As tensions rose, the loss prevention manager attempted to diffuse the situation by asking Ivery to calm down and leave the store. However, Ivery continued to berate him, leading the manager to retreat toward his office.

Ivery followed the manager into his office, prompting him to shut the door. It is at this point that the manager can be seen delivering a punch to Ivery's face, causing her to fall to the ground. The police, who reviewed the video footage, determined Ivery to be the aggressor in the altercation.

Ivery faced legal consequences for her actions, resulting in a disorderly conduct conviction and a one-day stint at the Hamilton County Justice Center. The incident not only highlights the potential volatility of altercations in retail settings but also raises questions about the appropriate response to customer demands and the responsibilities of both customers and businesses in maintaining a safe shopping environment.

Target’s security in the spotlight after stabbing incident

In November 2022, a homeless man entered a Target store in Los Angeles, grabbed a nine-inch butcher knife off the shelf, and attacked a woman and her nine-year-old son without provocation. A security guard immediately responded to the incident, shooting and killing the suspect, but not before both victims sustained serious injuries as a result of the stabbing.

Left traumatized and in need of medical treatment after the incident, the victims filed a lawsuit against Target, holding the retailer responsible for alleged negligence in providing a safe environment for customers. The legal action seeks to address the emotional and physical harm inflicted upon the victims and to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

False advertising and overpricing accusations hit the bullseye

The retailer recently settled a California lawsuit that accused them of misleading customers through false advertising, ultimately agreeing to pay a fine of $5 million.

Prosecutors from seven counties in California joined forces to take legal action against Target, alleging that the retailer charged customers higher prices than advertised. Their complaint highlighted instances where prices displayed on Target.com or the Target app would change upon a customer entering the store, without transparently disclosing the sales channel.

The lawsuit contended that these pricing practices violated California’s Business and Professions Code. As a result, Target has agreed to pay $5 million in civil penalties and to implement significant changes to its pricing practices. These changes include the establishment of a price accuracy program, regular price audits monitored by state regulators, and a ban on using geofencing technology to modify prices on the app or website when customers approach the store.

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