Cases from around the world that prove America doesn’t have a monopoly on bizarre divorces

Cases from around the world that prove America doesn’t have a monopoly on bizarre divorces

While America is often thought of as the land of the free and home of the brave, it turns out that it isn’t the only place on earth where people get bizarre divorces. In fact, cases from around the world show that there are some pretty wacky reasons for couples to call it quits. Here are some divorces that show unusual divorces can happen anywhere.

India: The Maggi case

In 2022, a man from Karnataka, India filed for a dissolution of marriage because his wife only served him Maggi instant noodles. According to the judge handling the case, the husband had expressed his distress over how his wife could prepare nothing except for the quick and easy noodles. In fact, the wife would purchase nothing but Maggi instant noodles from the shop each day and prepare them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After considering all other options, the couple eventually went ahead with a mutual divorce agreement.

Italy: The possessed wife

An Italian husband filed for divorce because his wife was supposedly possessed by the devil. This claim was based on accounts of multiple witnesses, including the wife’s sister and several religious personnel, who claimed to have seen her manifesting inexplicable behavior since 2007, including convulsions, becoming stiff as a board, and even levitating. Multiple exorcists have also apparently attempted to cure the wife through the years and expel the evil from her body.

While Milan's court acknowledged the existence of the wife’s unusual behavior, it granted the couple a no-fault divorce.

Germany: The last straw

After 15 years of tolerating her husband's constant tidying up, overcleaning, and rearranging of their home, a German woman finally decided to part ways with him. She reached the end of her rope in 2014 when her husband demolished and rebuilt an entire wall just because the said wall was dirty by his standards. This case was clearly one for the books, as the judge presiding over it stated that he had never encountered such an unexpected reason for divorce.

China: The running man

In 2008, Wang Yueting made a bold and passionate statement of solidarity with the Beijing Olympics by running across China. This act cost him his marriage, as his wife decided to divorce him after he sold their apartment to buy an RV and supplies for the epic journey.

Undeterred by his wife's warnings, he used the money to hire six people to document his journey. He also got a van for his team, and painted "Support Beijing Olympics" on the side of the van in both Chinese and English "to promote the Olympic spirit." He had unwavering confidence that his wife wouldn't follow through with her threat to divorce him if he completed his mission. He was sorely mistaken, however, as his wife filed for divorce soon after he embarked on his quest.

United Arab Emirates: The shocking discovery

Only days after tying the knot, a 34-year-old Arab man shockingly divorced his wife when he saw her barefaced for the first time since they got married. The just-married couple went for a romantic swim at Al Mamzar Beach, where — according to the husband — the water washed away his wife’s makeup and altered her facial features beyond recognition. Apparently, the wife had been undergoing cosmetic surgeries and using artificial eyelashes as part of her preparations for their nuptials.

According to the wife’s beauty doctor, the bride had wanted to reveal her truth but it was too late. In a fit of rage and indignation, the husband promptly divorced his new wife without even considering the possibility of reconciliation.

These cases show that it’s universal for relationships to become strained because of seemingly insignificant issues. If you find yourself in a situation where you are considering divorce, it's important to be informed of your legal rights and options. At the law offices of Buckingham, LaGrandeur, & Williams, our experienced attorneys can provide you with sound advice and guidance. Contact us today.