Laws around the world that you wish existed in America

Laws around the world that you wish existed in America

Laws are necessary in maintaining public peace and order. However, some laws around the world exist for ridiculous and weird reasons — which might make them perfect for America as well.

Here are some laws around the world that might do America a whole lot of good:

1. Russia’s dirty car law

In Russia, you may get apprehended and fined up to 500 Rubles (a whopping $6.62) for driving a dirty car. In reality, the law states that vehicles may not be operated if the number plate is dirty and the registration numbers are obscured. In practice, however, some Russian cops may apprehend drivers of dirty vehicles whether the registration numbers are obscured or not. So in Russia, it’s best to play it safe by keeping your car clean at all times.

2. Italy’s anti-pigeon feeding law

In Venice, Italy, fed up government officials enacted a law in 2008 banning the sale and distribution of grain for feeding birds. This was intended to control costs associated with the cleanup and repair of monuments and other historical landmarks, which at the time was costing the city €68 million ($77 million) annually.

Not that Americans are particularly fond of pigeons (as many people refer to them as flying rats), but a law like this would at least thoroughly discourage any activities that pigeons may view as good feeding opportunities.

3. Finland’s sliding scale of speeding fines

Speeding is illegal on many roads across the globe, but in the vast majority of these places, the fines are fixed amounts. Meaning, any bored billionaire could get away with putting their Bugatti through the paces on public roads without worrying about anything beyond a relative slap on the wrist. But not in Finland.

In Finland, speeding fines are levied based on the offender’s daily disposable income, which is computed as their daily salary divided by two. This progressive punishment system is a win all around as it is likely to deter would-be violators while resulting in larger cash falls for the city or state.

4. The Netherlands’ bicycle safety laws

Holland is widely recognized as one of the safest countries in the world to travel by bicycle. Most city commuters in the Netherlands don’t even wear helmets, as they don’t travel at speeds that would necessitate extra protection. This is also largely due to the “automobile is always responsible” principles that shape the road laws of the country.

Some of the general cycling rules in Holland are as follows:

  • Cyclists are not permitted to hold phones or other electronic devices while cycling.
  • Cycling must be done in a single file whenever side-by-side cycling hinders motor vehicles.
  • Cyclists are allowed to make a right turn during a red light at certain marked intersections.
  • Cyclists may only pass each other on the left.
  • Cyclists riding at night are required to use working front and rear lights.

5. Portugal’s after-hours-contacting law

Bad bosses and micromanagers beware: Portugal introduced a law in October 2021 that would ban employers from contacting workers outside of regular working hours. The law stipulates that employers must respect their employees' privacy, periods of rest, and time with family and friends.

This law was enacted in response to the clamor for legislation to protect workers on remote work arrangements.

6. Switzerland’s toilet flushing law

This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but rather one that is at the discretion of landlords who are allowed free reign to set rules on their tenants regarding many things. One common rule in rented apartments is that tenants may not flush toilets beyond 10PM as a courtesy to other tenants. So if you’re renting an apartment in Switzerland, do the responsible thing and schedule your toilet time accordingly. Or use the toilet at the gas station across the street.

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