Co-parenting during a pandemic: Points to ponder

Co-parenting during a pandemic: Points to ponder

The coronavirus outbreak has changed lives, and it will certainly change laws, too. For one, co-parenting difficulties have emerged. Even pop star parents are having a rough time not being a celebrity and unjustly being subjected to full-time parenthood.

Look at poor Justin Timberlake. JT infamously made an innocuous proclamation that 24-hour parenting is inhuman. Never mind the fact that most parents would kill to be full-time parents in a humongous ranch as he does.

Cry me a river, Justin.

We’ve advised clients in our Renton, Seattle law offices that the children’s best interests should always come first in a co-parenting setup even during a crisis. If you have the following co-parenting concerns, you’re not alone.

Co-parenting infographic

Returning children to co-parents: Get that phone to work, Gavin Rossdale

Dividing children’s time between two (or more) households will undoubtedly become more complex and rife with disagreements. Some couples may even think about going to court to handle their co-parenting arrangement. News flash: most family courts are currently closed.

This might be a problem for Gavin Rossdale who is co-parenting with his ex Gwen Stefani. Mr. Rossdale has some complaints about his co-parenting arrangement with Ms. Stefani.

This is, no doubt, a tricky situation. But there are solutions. Here’s a guide on what we think Gavin should do in these trying times:

  1. Pick up the phone.
  2. Go to “Gwen” on contacts.
  3. Press call.

Smartphones are wonderful. They can be used to talk to your ex/co-parent to discuss how you can divide the children’s time sensibly and without putting anyone’s life at risk. The British vocalist should make the most of this wonderful invention by Skyping, Zooming, or Facetiming with his kids while they shelter in place with Ms. Stefani and Blake Shelton.

Deviation from a parenting arrangement: What would this Kardashian do?

These are highly unusual circumstances, and some co-parents will be compelled to adjust their custody arrangements. That said, disobeying a court order may pose a risk of contempt for parents.

We do not keep up with the Kardashians and the non-Kardashians that get entangled with them, but during the pandemic, we sort of did. Exes Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson managed to co-parent in harmony for their daughter True.

To celebrate True’s birthday during the lockdown, Khloe and Tristan surprised their little girl with gifts fit for a child of a reality TV star and a professional baller. We hate to say it, but they are doing quarantine right. The two mutually agreed to shelter in place and skipped the big party.

This is quite the achievement because the rich and famous are generally fond of flouting social distancing rules.

Seeking help from family law attorneys: What Brangelina needs to do

One thing that's stayed the same despite the pandemic: not all co-parents will cooperate harmoniously. Disputes regarding the children’s health and safety, schedules, and other concerns will still inevitably arise.

This is why our thoughts go to the family formerly known as the Jolie-Pitts. Brad and Angelina recently agreed that their children will be traditionally schooled, but their bitter custody battle is far from over. Angelina still wants full custody.

You don’t need to tell Maleficent twice about social distancing. She allegedly wants her kids to practice distancing from their dad’s ex Jennifer Aniston, with whom Brad was rumored to be rekindling an old flame.

We speak for the people when we say, that is categorically false.

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Celebrities are well-positioned (read: swimming in cash) to make co-parenting work during a pandemic. They should have little trouble visiting kids, dropping them off, and caring for them. We presume that in these difficult times, their full staff of carers, drivers, and nannies are on board to ease their co-parenting duties.

Should it become clear that Angelina is making it difficult for Brad to see their kids, the courts may not take kindly to her if they see that she was unreasonably limiting Brad’s access to see the sixsome.

As for you dear Washingtonians, we understand that co-parenting issues may be exacerbated by state order to shelter in place. Seattle family law attorneys Buckingham, LaGrandeur, & Williams are here to hear about your concerns on how to co-parent effectively during the COVID-19 crisis. Call us at 425-250-9661 or leave us a message.