Rich people problems: The people vs. the very famous and their pets

Rich people problems: The people vs. the very famous and their pets

Ever encountered pets that you just didn’t care for? Odds are great that they’re owned by a celebrity.

Sadly, you can’t fight with pets (nor should you) because they may fight back.

Should you ever encounter problematic pets — like when they bite you, for example — you’d be well-served getting the counsel of personal injury lawyers.

In any case, argue with the pet owners who can at least form sentences and would be unlikely to bite. And it would matter little if you argue with the very famous as in cases involving these ultra-rich pet lovers/owners.

This wealthy Florida neighborhood vs. Hulk Hogan’s farm animals

When you’re so wealthy that you can build a farm right in your own backyard, the sort of problems you’ll be having would be wild. They won’t be about whether the kitty has been fed or whether someone has cleaned up after the dog. Your pet-related problems would likely go beyond the perimeters of your manse.

In 2005, Hulk Hogan and his household became the talk of the town for causing a ruckus in their posh Florida neighborhood. According to the former wrestler’s neighbors, his brood of animals — five hens, one rooster, six dogs, one cat, and a ferret — regularly engaged in a royal rumble.

On several occasions too, Hulk’s neighbors complained of the stench and noise coming from his dogs, rabbits, and ferrets, among others. The Hogans filming a reality TV show featuring the animals didn’t help matters.

The police had to be involved to appease the homeowners peeved of the pets.

If you can buy any number of farm animals (or farms) that you fancy, you can buy acres of land in farm towns where your pet rooster Rupert, your chicken Christine, and their chicks can roost and crow with abandon without disturbing the entire neighborhood.

Dog owners vs. TV personality’s unnatural natural dog food

No one fought with any of Rachael Ray’s pets, but it was because of her love of dogs (she has a pooch named Isaboo) that resulted in an unsavory turn of events concerning a class-action lawsuit against her company that produces “natural” dog food.

According to Markeith Parks, Rachael’s dog chow Rachael Ray Nutrish contained glyphosate, a chemical used to make weed killer. Naturally, mentioning the words “chemical” and “weed killer” in the same breath as “dog food” is enough to send shivers down the spine of dog owners.

Ms. Ray’s camp argued that, while their product does indeed contain the chemical, it is unreasonable to expect that all products with the “natural” label on them would be free of any type of chemical.

The district court judge agreed with Ms. Ray’s party and dismissed the $5-million lawsuit. The judge cited that the negligible amounts of glyphosate is unlikely to affect consumers’ decision to purchase the product and is, in other words, not harmful.

But what’s truly perplexing is how no one ever thought to consider what dogs think. According to these dog owners, their dogs quite like Ms. Ray’s chow.

Hamptonians vs. J.Lo and her dandy doggies

Don’t be fooled by the pups that she got.

Unlike the titular Jenny from Jennifer Lopez’s hit “Jenny From the Block,” J.Lo’s pups didn’t use to have a little — they’ve always had a lot. They’re her life companions and she pampers them with all the luxe treatments that money can buy. The diva spoils them too much that in 2016, she infamously enraged a few Hamptonians when she booked an entire dog spa called Dog Store just for her pets.

This so distressed the Hamptonians that details of the posh pooch pampering program were leaked to the press.

None of Ms. Lopez’s dogs have bitten anyone — the doggies are way too dandy to do such a thing.

PETA (and some people) vs. an exotic pet-loving pop star

Here’s a business venture that we’d like to float by the pop star Justin Bieber: an exotic animal zoo.

This would be a win-win. As a full-time exotic animals zoo proprietor, he would cease all attempts to assault the world with his songs and would instead focus on what appears to be his greatest passion: caring for difficult-to-get, exotic animals.

That way, he won’t be blamed for using pets as accessories or for haphazardly giving them away to crazed fans. More importantly, it will give him peace of mind that one gets when PETA and other animal rights groups are not constantly keeping a close watch on your pet purchasing patterns.

The Biebs retiring from showbiz would solve so many problems at once.

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