Skeletons in the marital closet: Shocking spousal secrets revealed post divorce

Skeletons in the marital closet: Shocking spousal secrets revealed post divorce

“’Til death do us part?” What does that even mean anymore? For couples who have experienced divorce, they know that it takes more than a promise to be able to stick it out until the end. All marriages go through different tests and challenges. Some couples weather the storms, while some don’t make it out of the woods. While we all know that marriages are supposed to last, it’s difficult to understand what really goes on behind closed doors, especially for couples who are in a constant state of uncertainty.

From snoring problems to religious differences, the reasons behind divorces are never black and white. When it comes to wanting a divorce, quite often you will find that it is a one-sided decision — and the other party is left gutted. And while divorce is becoming more common these days, there are some people who take “irreconcilable differences” to a whole other level. If you think divorce itself is painful enough, here are some shocking secrets revealed after divorce.

Mystery property

It’s painful enough to discover secrets about your spouse, but finding out that your ex-spouse kept massive properties from you could sting quite a bit. In one case, a husband in a very high-stakes divorce managed to hide two apartment complexes, one ocean-front penthouse in a very expensive location, and an offshore oil rig that were held by two offshore companies that his wife knew nothing about. The wife, however, only found out about her ex-husband’s hidden property two decades after their divorce when the ex died and left some of the property to their two sons.

Show me the money

Sometimes, the truth comes out later rather than sooner. In one couple’s case, the wife won $1.3 million in the lottery in 1996. She filed for divorce 11 days later and didn’t mention the huge windfall to her then-husband. Two years later, the ex-husband found out about it and told the courts. The judge awarded what was left of the sum to the husband.

Debt you didn’t know

It’s not an uncommon thing at all to rack up debts here and there, but when it comes to divorce, a huge, hidden debt can bring a person to their knees. After all, concealment is the cornerstone of fraud. One man hid a massive $1.8 million gambling debt that was only revealed when the wife subpoenaed information from a third party about it.

For families that have built up a sizeable nest egg, the hiding places can be numerous and could become more complicated. Shell corporations, life insurance vehicles, unfunded trusts, and hidden brokerage/online accounts are just among a few of these.

An affair to remember?

We often hear about husbands running away with their mistresses or wives having online affairs. Either way, it’s an old game lovers play and fail miserably at. But when a spouse has an illicit affair with someone that’s too close to home, it becomes a different ball game.

In a husband’s last divorce, it was revealed that his wife had been having an affair throughout her last three marriages. It was with her first boyfriend who also happened to be her stepbrother. Neither of them wanted to settle and ended up coming out in court in front of family and friends.

A chronic illness

Desperate measures call for desperate times. When it comes to “love,” people can be driven to do all sorts of extreme things. In one case, the husband was a physician and the wife was a hair stylist. The husband lied about having a grave, long-term disease. He used this lie to quit his job and stayed home for years while the wife worked multiple jobs to support him and their family.

The lie was only revealed after the wife filed for a divorce and the judge ordered the husband to seek employment immediately and pay the wife alimony according to his salary.

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