Meet Walt Williams

Walt Williams has been working in the legal area for over 25 years. He started his career as a paralegal/office manager for a solo practitioner her in Renton in 1989. For the ten years he was there, he worked in several areas of law including family law and personal injury. He worked there until 2000 when he left to work for the successful medical malpractice firm Peterson Young Putra (now Peterson Wampold Rosato Luna Knopp). He reluctantly left PYP in 2005 when he went to law school although he returned in 2006 to work as a paralegal during the summer. Walt continued to make contacts with the legal community and worked as a clerk for another successful medical malpractice firm Chemnick Moen Greenstreet while he was still in law school.

After law school Walt opened his own practice while he continued to do contract work for attorney Michael Caryl. It was during this time period that Walt truly found his niche in practicing family law. His practice grew and he found himself more and more drawn into family law. In 2011, Engel Law Group recruited him as an associate for their Seattle firm to concentrate on family law. In 2013, Walt was named the supervising attorney at Engel Law Group and in 2014 he was elevated to managing attorney.

Walt now practices almost entirely family law cases including divorces, custody, child support, and modifications. He is happy to return to Renton, the city of his birth, and work in the downtown area.

Walt is married and has two children. He and his wife are major “foodies” and enjoy traveling around trying new cuisine. They are also big Seahawks and Mariners fans and enjoy hiking.