Meet Christy LaGrandeur

Christy LaGrandeur joins the Law Offices of Boyd Buckingham with sixteen years of experience, the last eleven being with the Law Firm of Goldberg & Jones, and all sixteen years having been exclusively focused on family/domestic law. Christy will continue her focused practice, advocating for clients who are in need of legal expertise to address financial and/or parenting aspects of all types of family law cases – be they dissolutions of marriages, domestic partnerships, or committed intimate relationships, paternity actions, and/or third party custody actions.

Being an attorney is a second career for Christy; she was previously a teacher. After a two year internship during law school with a general practice firm, Christy found that her skill set and interest continued to lie in working with families and for the benefit of children. In addition, she increased her skills with custody cases, which include marriages/domestic partnerships as well as paternity or third party custody cases, Christy also has extensive experience in property divisions and assessing the financial impacts of a dissolution and works tirelessly to be sure her clients are on the best financial footing possible after the case is resolved, whether that be the result of a settlement or a trial. With Christy, clients get a compassionate, yet competitive advocate who is both respectful and respected. She understands and appreciates the importance she plays in her client’s (and his/her child(ren)’s) future and takes the responsibility seriously.

Christy has two children and is an avid sports fan and distance runner who enjoys traveling when the opportunity presents itself.